Milo Bannermann

Kristin Bedford

Suzanne LaFollette Black
Gail Brent 

Jack Brent
Charles Busby 
Derek Cohen​

Tom Dareneau

Dan Drake
Beth Fortunato 
​Elizabeth Hawthorne

Our COASTAL PENDER ROTARY board of directors

Founded in 1905 by Paul Harris.We are a worldwide organization of business, professional and community leaders, who help serve their communities and promote international understanding.

Rotary has one of the highest level of efficiency of any charity-out of every $1 donated, 92 cents goes to the people in need.  

            Dan Drake


Tom Dareneau

Director/ Immediate Past President

   Nicole Moss


Gail Brent


Alan Sasser 

Director/Satellite Chair​

​​Hugh Hawthorne​

​Dave Heugel

Steven Hill

Chris Jones

Les King

​Sue Knox

Connie Lowe

Catherine MacDowell

Chris Meadows

​Nicole  Moss

Ann Urban


The Coastal Pender Rotary is one of over 34,000 Rotary Clubs in 169 countries.  Worldwide there are more than 1.2 million Rotarians.

 These members share a belief in Rotary's Motto:  SERVICE ABOVE SELF

Rotary is an organization of people who provide humanitarian services in the local communities and throughout the world who seek to build peace through understanding among the diverse peoples of the world

Reach Out

Work with members in your community and make a difference!

Jack Brent

Jamie Tyson

President Elect

Sue Knox


​Ken Ording​​

Alec Pourteau​

Ravenna Romack

Debra Sasser

Louis Alan Sasser

​Jamie Tyson

Ann Urban
Leo Urban 

Carlyn Williams

Marzana Zalik